Vac teams priorities for Q3 2021

This is a sketch of high level goals for Vac teams, based on input provided so far. Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list, but highlights the most important areas.

1. Production usage: Solidifying core protocols and proving improvements

a) Spec freeze: Solidifying subset of protocols to be stable
b) Benchmark Waku v2 to prove efficiency improvements
c) Discovery: DNS based discovery and ambient peer discovery
d) Ensure people can (and do) run their own nodes and meaningfully contribute to the network (discovery + 21/FTSTORE)
e) Support early adopters in the form of our own dogfooding, Status app, WalletConnect, and others

2. Research: Maturing existing research into workable protocols

a) Workable 17/WAKU2-RLNRELAY protocol, used for dogfooding
b) Workable 18/WAKU2-SWAP protocol with STORE, including settlement (Hard Test phase), used for dogfooding
c) Research into privacy guarantees and comparison with other comparable solutions
d) Minimal state synchronization with a fixed set of nodes

3. DappConnect and js-waku: Adoption and improve usability

a) Adoption: Two projects using js-waku, one Status and one non-Status project
b) DevExp: Documentation, tutorial and worked examples
c) Ensure encryption and signature is supported; integration with Web3 API

4. General: Hiring, improved web presence, and communication

a) Hiring: 3-5 roles filled across nim-waku, research and js-waku/DappConnect
b) Web presence: New Vac, Waku and DappConnect site (driven by Marketing+ETHWorks)
c) Communication: A few write ups, conference talks and events; communicate work with upstream repos