Libp2p Community Call

The libp2p Community Call is happening at the top of the hour. Come and get an update on the libp2p project as a whole and what we are all working on. All are welcome. The event page: libp2p Community Call · Luma The agenda (feel free to add to it): 2024-03-05 libp2p Community Call - Google Documenten

Thank you for the heads-up and the info related to the call :).

Ideally, we’d share time-critical info like this in the Discord, where Vac P2P members are quicker to react :pray:
This forum’s main purpose is discussing research and strategy (research is a broad term here, it can also include libp2p related discussions).

If preferred, we can have a thread for syncing around libp2p calls here, but ideally in a single topic to not flood the Forum :slight_smile: .
(We could change the topic of this thread to “Libp2p Community Call” and use it for that sync.)

Understood. I’ll not only give more lead time for the next call but will announce it on the discord instead. Thanks for the heads up.


Having a place on here where I can announce meetings would be helpful. A topic or a single thread where I can post updates.

I’ll open a thread in the #vac-anything channel and ping you. It’s the main channel of the Vac Discord with public access. Feel free to @ mention me in the updates :).
You can also continue updating in this forum thread :raised_hands: .