EngRes The Gathering (libp2p update) Tomorrow

The libp2p project will be giving its update in the greater network all hands tomorrow including a comprehensive update on js-libp2p. Here’s the event page: EngRes The Gathering · Zoom · Luma

If there’s any updates about nim-libp2p you’d like me to include in the “community updates” section, either reply here, email me at [email protected] or ping me (Dave.Slack [libp2p community]) on the #libp2p-implementers slack channel: https://filecoinproject.slack.com/archives/C03K82MU486

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Hello :).
nim-libp2p now has support for

  • Hole punching
  • yamux (added window sizing)

We are also working on (and exploring) gossip sub improvements, e.g. de-prioritizing relayed messages over messages originated in a node.

Version 1.2 will feature these updates (end of this month).

Version 1.3 will feature WebRTC support.

Thanks for the updates. I’ll include them in the next EngRes The Gathering update.

@kaiserd I’m the one who gives the libp2p update but it would be really cool to have other people from different parts of the libp2p community handle the community-wide update. It’s just two slides and takes 1 minute. I’m happy to help build the slides and let somebody else take a turn giving the update.

Also, the meeting we just had also contained a deeper update on js-libp2p covering their current status and results from their latest work. It would be fun to have someone like yourself give a deeper update on nim-libp2p since this implementation project hasn’t been highlighted in the broader community before. I’m here to get eyeballs and promote all of the libp2p implementations. Let me know if you’d like to do give a deeper update and/or give the libp2p wide update.


We would join the next call and listen in; we can give an update in one of the future calls.
If it fits, we can treat our slot in this call as the open maintainers call you suggested in the other post.
I sent you an invite for a 1:1 meeting to touch base (also reached out on Discord).