Cypher City concept

Cypher City

Cypher City is the capital of Logos State. It’s an idea, dream, a way of looking at things. It’s a method of organizing human beings starting from the mind, ignoring physical reality.

Cyphercity is a vision, a utopia, that helps us create an orchard so we can start picking low hanging fruits and create the tools and technologies needed to have a truly free society where people can be whoever they want to be, how many they want to be.

Cypher City is an anchor thrown far into the sea, so we can pull ourselves to deeper waters.

Cyphercity app is a remote control for this virtual city, made by the city administration, the workers. They have no political opinions, don’t judge, they’re only here to make the tools, not to talk about how these tools should be used. A real city can only exist when the people living in it are not aligned, have different ideologies, opinions, beliefs. Why else would they want to trade, where else would they find inspiration to do things differently.

Logos is building the infrastructure, the fundaments to build this city. Cyphercity is the mushroom growing from that digital mycelium.

Logos Labs aims to prototype the basic tools needed to have people come together and experiment with.

The basis is Cyphercity chat, which will have identity, anonymous publishing, group and direct messaging. With in-chat objects, small widgets will provide functionality to transact, trade and collaborate.



To become a citizen of Cypher City, one’s identity commitment needs to be added to the cyphercity citizens semaphore group. This means sending an on-chain transaction. In order to preserve privacy, the following scheme is introduced:

  • Alice tells Bob about Cyphercity, a new app, and Bob is interested in joining
  • Bob opens the app and creates a new Keypair (KP) and from that he also derives an Identity Commitment (IC)
  • Bob shares his IC and pubkey on an existing private channel with Alice
  • Alice creates an ephemeral keypair (EKP) and puts some fund on it from the liquidity pool
  • With the EKP Alice makes transaction to add Bob’s IC to the SG and also blockchain transactions that are necessary (Waku RLN membership, Waku staking etc.)

See Focus on onboarding: technical feasibility

Contributing / Interacting

Upon Bob’s arrival in Cyphercity.eth, there’s an anonymous “forum” going on. We call this “Babbles”. It has an interesting feature: each message can become a new topic, and users can favorite threads. This allows for unimited anonymous discussions.
By using unirep, users can up and downvote messages.

Very early prototype:

Exchanging, trading, collaborating

In Cyphercity, apps exist in the group and direct chats. They are represented as small widgets providing functionality to interact and transact.
These apps can be distributed over a broadcast channel, or users can send apps to each other over encrypted channels, which means nobody has to be liable or known for using or distributing software.

Here are a couple of example widgets, which we developed in a previous cycle.

Milestones in order of priority:

Identity and anonymity, so people can claim the actions and transactions they do, or hide from threats and influences, or avoid self-censorship.

Private Liquidity, so people can transact and interact value in a private way

Publishing and communication media, so people can express what they dream of, what they want to see in the world.

Collaboration tools, so people can come together and create the reality they have been dreaming of.

Markets, so people can trade the results of their work.


AFAIK, This is very similar to what Status app attempts to achieve. What is the differentiating value?

As you may know, we recently formed the Waku Chat SDK team that has for mandate to support the integration of Waku in Status app and extract chat related functionality in libraries that be consumed by other projects.

I would love to see Logos Innovation Labs use such libraries as part of Cypher City and any other chat app. Let’s discuss your needs once we are ready to focus on the SDK (pending JS eng hire and ability to shift some focus away from Status).

I am guessing this private channel is out of band?