Browser-to-Browser WebRTC over Waku: latest exploration

WebRTC is a transport protocol that enables direct browser-to-browser connection. This enables low-latency high-bandwith use cases such as voice and video calls.
In the context of Waku and machine-to-machine use cases, it could be use for any user-to-user interactions that requires low latency/high bandwith: game, NFT collaboration (large images), etc.

Some exploration has been done to know how Waku and WebRTC fit together. You can read the outcome in this GitHub comment: WebRTC Exploration · Issue #20 · status-im/js-waku · GitHub

While we haven’t yet produce a PoC that enables WebRTC over Waku, without the need of a centralized Signalling Server, we have outlined the steps needed to move towards this goal.

For high level questions, feel free to drop them here. More technical discussions should go in the GitHub issue.

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