2024-02-06 libp2p Community Call

Hello nim-libp2p community!!

Please join the rest of the libp2p community for the reboot of the libp2p Community Call today from 17:00-17:30 UTC. Tomorrow’s call is listed here: libp2p Community Call.

This call is open to everybody and will be recorded and shared online afterwards. This is the meeting for the entire libp2p Community and the agenda is open for additions and revisions. The meeting notes are here: 2024-02-06 libp2p Community Call. Feel free to suggest any additions to the agenda.

I hope to see all of you there as we discuss what 2024 looks like for libp2p.

Cheers! :beers:

Thank you very much for the invitation.
We will join an upcoming libp2p call :smiley:

Excellent news! @kaiserd do you have any interest in starting a nim-libp2p Open Maintainers Call like the one for Go/Js/Rust? Those calls are more technical in nature and typically involve triage and release planning. If you think that would be useful, I’m here to help you get it set up, put on the libp2p events calendar, and marketed on X/BlueSky/Slack/Discord/Matrix/Telegram and in our blog.


Yes. I suggest merging this into the libp2p call discussed here: EngRes The Gathering (libp2p update) Tomorrow - #4 by kaiserd